At Spore Emporium, we started as hobbyists, but as our love for fungi grew, we decided to turn it into a business to share our love and passion.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert mycologist, we provide you with everything you could need to successfully cultivate mushrooms of all kinds in the comfort of your home. 

We continue to look for new possibilities in the world of mushroom cultivation and fungal interactions that are compatible with overall sustainability and renewability within the environment around each of us.

Hand in hand with sustainability comes a reliable and viable crop. We understand that excellent harvests start with high-quality culture (spores), spawn, and substrates together with the tools and means to grow mushrooms in the comfort of your home. 

While growers are responsible for the quality of their crops, we are responsible for providing you with everything you could need to successfully grow your mushrooms and give your crop the best possible start. At Spore Emporium – The South African Store for Spores and More, we have a carefully regulated spawn lab and farm to test our cultures, spawns, new strains, and new technologies.

Our company started with the owner Chris Young but has now grown to include a staff of talented and happy professionals who share the same love and goals: Supply, educate, cultivate superior culture and spawn, provide exceptional customer service, grow and eat superior amounts of home-grown mushrooms!

Research: We continue allocating resources to using sound science to test ideas and challenges confronting mushroom growers. To learn more, read completed and upcoming reports on our website. Feel free to reach out 

Service: We have built our business on providing growers with high-quality mushroom culture, spawn, and tools and providing experience-based information for grower success – we’re proud to be part of this rotting world!

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