Black Pearl King Spore Syringe



The Black Pearl Oyster, or the Black Pearl King Oyster is an oyster variety mushroom hybrid originating in Japan, the result of a cross between a European and Asian Pleurotus ostreatus. As the Black Pearl King grows it first resembles a King Oyster and then matures into a Pearl Oyster appearance.

First utilised during World War I  for subsistence and now grown commercially throughout the world for food, Black Pearl King can also be used for mycoremediation, which is an industrial technique using fungi to clean the environment.

Black Pearl Kings are much less finicky than King Oysters and are an excellent choice for indoor growth, due to their fast colonising ability. Order our Black Pearl King liquid culture syringes, or one of our grow kits, and you will soon have some delicious, dense, and meaty mushrooms!


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