Treasure Coast Spore Syringe

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Treasure Coast is a Psilocybin Cubensis that originates from the east coast of Florida. It is named after the area that it was found in, Treasure Coast. The area is referred to as such because of shipwrecks and treasures found there in the past. Treasure Coast is a very prolific fruiter and can occasionally spin-off albino, or near albino. It is a very potent mushroom and its white parts are the most potent. It grows rather slow but holds very high yielding most of the time.


Cultivation difficulty: Easy
Substrate: Dung, Straw, various grains
Potency: Moderate to potent
Colonization time: 14 – 18 days
Colonization temperature: 28 – 30 Celsius
Fruiting temperature: 23 – 27 Celsius

Visual: ◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎
Creativity: ◼︎◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎
Philosophical: ◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎◻︎
Potency: ◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎◻︎
Total: ◼︎◼︎◻︎◻︎◻︎

Our Treasure Coast mushroom spore syringes are produced in a state-of-the-art cleanroom laboratory in front of a Laminar Flow Hood and all of our spore syringes at Spore Emporium undergo rigorous testing before shipment to ensure that our spore syringes are contamination-free. We proudly provide the best customer service in our industry so feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have any time.

Legal Disclaimer – All Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom spore syringes purchased from Spore Emporium are intended for microscopy research and taxonomy purposes only. Images provided for informational and educational reference only. Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries. Please check your local regulations.

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Treasure Coast

This prolific fruiter from the coast of Florida has been a steady favorite. The large flushes and silky brown caps are a plus, but it’s also important to know the potency of these flushes. Customers have been very vocal to us about the vivid visuals, spiritual awakenings and intense body highs. This magic mushroom strain is ideal for communal experiences, like a ceremony or group trip. We’ve also learned that Treasure Coast is a wonderful partner in microdosing psilocybin.



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